Work Experience at Millfield Theatre

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Oct. 19, 2017, 2:17 p.m.

My Experience...

By Molly

Over the past two weeks I have been coming to the Millfield for my work experience, my work content predominantly based around press and marketing for the Enfield Council.

I came not knowing much about press and marketing, moreover my understanding on effective advertising wasn't big. On the first day, I was introduced to a software called Hootsuite which is a social media system for companies. I was taught what attracts the potential customer and what times you should post. Not only did I learn the major things, but I was taught smaller tricks like how many hashtags you should use, which was really interesting to learn about. I was put into an appropriate position of responsibility, as I got to write a blog post for Forty Hall. A valuable and crucial thing in marketing is listing shows and events onto different advertising adverts. I got to do this over the two weeks, and it gave me the opportunity to explore new approaches to promoting events. I was always given interesting tasks, one being researching a theatre company and then preparing questions for the artistic director.

There were points where I did things that were relatively straight forward and required patience, such as organising mail outs. Stuff like this was paramount for me to understand the importance of, because it taught me how to communicate with different target audiences. It didn't take long to do, and I got to organise press releases for for shows at the theatre. Something I found interesting about my work experience was how much had to be done in advance, for example I wrote a blog for Black History Month, in order to get the message to the public well before October.

One thing that made my work experience so valuable was the fact that I was in an environment where the work ethic was a lot more positive and encouraging, and I could have nice conversations with the people around me without being completely distracted from my work. I was trusted to create my tweets for twitter and I could make decisions for myself. I feel like I genuinely experienced what the workplace because I was treated with trust and was given responsibility.

Overall the past two weeks have been extremely valuable, and I arrived knowing nearly nothing and will be taking away skills and knowledge that will be genuinely beneficial to me.

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