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Aug. 11, 2018, 9:53 a.m.

Free outdoor Arts events in Enfield!

Yes, free outdoor arts events are hitting the streets of Enfield this summer. Brought to you by Millfield Theatre and Circulate, you can see hip-hop dance, acrobatic see-saws, machines and maybe a pre-historic creature or two!

Circulate is a group of four London venues working together to bring outstanding Outdoor Arts to Outer London. Millfield Theatre is delighted present an ecliptic programme of events taking place in the heart of Enfield Town.

The programme starts with Belly of the Whale by Ockham’s Razor. This performance includes a giant semi- circular see-saw made of wood and steel. The performers weave between, run, roll and glide on and around this magnificent structure in a fascinating performance.

Thursday 16 August, Outside Enfield Town Library

The huge striking metal structure in the middle of Cie Dyptik’s performance D – Construction will grab your attention. Only to be followed by a thrilling hip-hop dance to engage you, your friends and family throughout.

Tuesday 21 August, Outside Enfield Town Library

A couple days later members of the public will love Saurus by Close Act Theatre. A spectacle combining theatre, stilts, music, fire, dance and not to mention the return of presumed to be extinct creatures. Make sure you jump swiftly out the way for these amazing constructions walking the streets you know.

Thursday 23 August, Enfield Town

Come and enjoy free performances by leading companies that feature work by deaf and disabled artist, at the Liberty Unbound Festival. Including Graeae’s 'The Iron Man', inspired by Ted Hughes’ children’s story; ‘Dedicated To’: a dance piece by Candoco Dance Company, and DJ sets from Deaf Rave.

Friday 31 August, Millfield Theatre (Outside)

Has it ever crossed your mind to see a performance by dancers and a JCB digger? After EXO by Motionhouse you will be left wondering why you hadn’t. It is an intriguing breath-taking display of strength, emotion and beauty.

Saturday 8 September, Millfield Theatre

Last but not least, Conseqüències by Cia Moveo is a stunningly fluid yet daring dance performance, captivating audiences though the physicality and effortless tricks. Do not try this at home kids!

Thursday 15 September, Outside Enfield Town Library

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