The cast of Aladdin delight audiences at the Christmas Light Switch on in Enfield Town!

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Nov. 29, 2016, 12:56 p.m.

The cast members of Aladdin arrived to Millfield Theatre bright and early Saturday 19 November. Excited for the Christmas Pantomime Aladdin to start, Princess Jasmine, Aladdin and Abanazar wanted to go out and meet audience members!

The Christmas Light switch on at Palace Garden in Enfield town is a popular volunteer led community event. It was the perfect opportunity to meet so many families. With the Aladdin flags to hand, the characters wanted to give families something to wave as the parade went past.

After the full on morning of rehearsals, the main characters enjoyed a coffee while getting into costume and character.

Abanazar was thankful to have his hat on this chilly November Saturday however our hat hair free Aladdin was grateful for gel to help with the styling. Once fully clothed and made up Aladdin, Jasmin and Abanazar tidied up their belongings and got ready for their trip to Enfield Town.

First stop was The Library Café.Here they had set up a special meet and great for the characters and café goers. There was a table of beady eyed children who had spotted the characters arriving from the outside and where excited to say Hello.

Enfield town Library looked very different from the set at Millfield Theatre. Abanazar was not quite sure how the automatic doors worked... he seemed to think it was his magic causing the doors to open. Either way the doors opened and once inside the Library Café they were amazed at how many people had already entered the ticket giveaway. Walking around the Library the characters surprised many children so much so they even took some time away from their books to take a selfie with them.

After visiting their friends at the Dugdale Centre and even finding a large picture of themselves they made their way into Enfield Town Centre. The streets were busy and many families had wrapped up warm and made their way into town to watch the Parade. The characters were greeted by so many children and many families wanted photos. Greeting everyone along the way, they found the start of the Parade and they were surprise with what they found. They found an Ice Witch on stilts, two white wolfs and even a singing Santa with a cart of presents.

The crowds watching the Parade were cheering and waving the Aladdin flags. The characters were asked many questions along the Parade, many concerned children wondering if Abanazar was the baddie and if Princess Jasmine‘s dress was blue or green.

At first the Christmas tree in Enfield Town did not turn on. But once the crowd was cheering loud enough the lights came on. Alongside this it even started snowing outside Costa Coffee. The characters enjoyed dancing to the Christmas Music and speaking to more families.

After making their way through the crowd taking countless photos, and saying a last goodbye they experienced an Uber. Princess Jasmin found this very different to the cart she follows in the Pantomime.

They thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to seeing everyone soon at the Pantomime.

Have a peek at the Gallery!

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