​Strong Enough - Cher concert show is coming to town

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Feb. 10, 2020, 1:52 p.m.


The Ultimate Tribute Concert to CHER

Friday 28th February, 7.3Opm


If you could turn back time – to 30 years ago – you’d find American songstress Cher busy in the recording studio putting the finishing touches to her album Heart of Stone.

This was to be the crucial follow-up LP release for the singer, actress and television personality, following on from her comeback album Cher.

The lead song from the album, If I Could Turn Back Time, was to become a top 10 hit on both sides of the Atlantic. It cemented Cher’s revival in fortunes and paved the way for a career that’s amounted to 10 million record sales, and counting, according to Kerry Carlton-Senior, who plays Cher in the touring concert show Strong Enough.

“If I Could Turn Back time was written for Cher,” says Kerry.“But it’s said that initially she hated the demo and refused to record it."

“Fortunately, the songwriter got on her knees, begged and pleaded and the song was eventually recorded with Cher reversing her opinion."

“Who knows, if Cher hadn’t eventually been persuaded we may not have been treated to the multi-million hits that followed including Believe, The Shoop Shoop Song, Walking in Memphis and – of course – Strong Enough.”

The Strong Enough concert show captures these hits as they would be performed live on stage along with scores more solid-gold hits including: Turn Back Time, I Found Someone, Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, Bang Bang (You Shot Me Down), One by One, Love and Understanding, Just Like Jesse James, All or Nothing, The Music’s No Good Without Youplus her modern Abba remixes and many more.

The production takes theatregoers on a musical journey from the Dark Lady days, to the rocking Eighties perm era and on to the celebration disco hits.

“Strong Enough features 25 smash hits, six decades of stardom and enough costume changes to cause a sequins shortage,”says Kerry.

“It’s a must-see, not only for avid fans of the Academy, Grammy, Emmy and Golden-Globe winner, but for music lovers wanting a night out of non-stop hits.”

Check out the trailer here.

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