Seven Drunken Nights - Meet the Co-Producer

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Feb. 21, 2019, 9:48 a.m.

Following its sold out smash hit debut tour, Seven Drunken Nights – The Story of The Dubliners returns to Millfield Theatre on 11th April with an even bigger production.

Here's what Ged - The Co-Producer has to say about the Dubliners:

“Both myself and fellow cast member Billy Barton were born and raised in The Liberties in Dublin and grew up listening to The Dubliners. I don't think that there is any musician in Ireland who hasn't been influenced by their music. The Dubliners hold a unique place in the hearts of not only Irish people but people who love folk music generally and epitomise the image of an Irish Ballad Group.”

Ged has been involved in theatre as a performer for more than twenty years and actively involved in theatre production for over ten years. Firstly as creative director on the critically acclaimed Essence of Ireland (UK, South African and Middle East tours) as both writer and creative director of American Anthems (UK and South African tours) Ireland’s Call (UK tours) and From a Distance (UK tours). Most recently Ged has written and co-produced Seven Drunken Nights - The Story of The Dubliners with Prestige Productions.

Get your tickets to clap & sing along to the classic music of The Dubliners HERE



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