Naturally 7 - 'I Need Air'

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June 15, 2020, 11:18 a.m.

Global 'Vocal Play' group Naturally 7 have produced a song called “I Need Air” and it is based on the fact that we “ALL” need air to survive.

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"It is no accident that it’s sung only using 7 voices. (A cappella) And certainly not coincidental that the song uses an interpolation of Bach’s 'Air on the G String'.

Air is simply essential, non negotiable and life. If we struggle to breathe, we struggle to live productive lives. It’s something all people can relate to. This is why the world has taken to the streets after hearing George Floyd utter the words “I can’t breathe”. .....and further shocked by another human being who did not come to his aide but in fact did the opposite. The reality only visible to black America is now on center stage for all to see “what evil lurks in the hearts of men”.

Being a conscious band of musicians, we know that music is the soundtrack of most people’s lives. We have long believed that 'Music is the key'. The only language we all speak. It can heal deep wounds when words are insufficient. When our leaders and politicians have failed to unite us. When apologies have arrived too late.

We mark this moment in history as a sure momentum change. A time of enlightenment. A time when the world comes together to understand that not until 'Black Lives Matter' will 'All Lives Matter'. We are clear that laws don’t change hearts, but we are optimistic that this time hearts might change Laws."

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