My Work Experience at Millfield by Esel

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May 3, 2019, 8:41 a.m.

My Millfield Theatre Work Experience

My week at The Millfield Theatre has been extremely brilliant and successful. I have been lucky enough to learn new things which can help me out in the future. I have learnt how to use websites such as Hootsuite, which enables you to make Facebook and Twitter posts for The Millfield and The Dugdale Centre. I have also had the chance of sending people solus emails about shows coming up, I have also emailed people who have seen a show and put in shows they might be interested in.

As well as working at The Millfield, I have been lucky enough to visit Forty Hall and have had a very interesting tour about the history of the house. I learnt facts such as who was the first to live there, who was the last family to live there, and who built it.

Working in the marketing department has given me a huge insight of how much work and time goes into behind the scenes of any show/workshop. I have also learnt about how to post events on the website and I am now very confident of how to hyperlink and now know how they post shows onto the website. At The Millfield Theatre I have also worked with the people who build the set and props for their pantomimes and found out how they make them and how the set works.

The staff have been so kind and caring here at The Millfield Theatre. They make sure you know what you’re doing and you’re confident with the tasks they’ve given you. They have made sure they gave me the best experience I could have and made sure I had an insight of each aspect that goes on behind the scenes at The Millfield Theatre. Everything I have learnt here will definitely be helpful for the future. I have had such an amazing week and thank the Millfield Theatre very much for having me!

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