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May 14, 2018, 6 a.m.
On 14 May, every year, the International Day of the Families is celebrated throughout the world as a day of reflection towards the importance of family and to raise awareness on important issues concerning them.

The International Day of the Families promotes the subject matter of a healthy family and is also seen as one of the very few things that are able to bring everybody in the world together. The United Nations announced the international day in 1994 due to the changing of the social and economic structures that caused the stability of families to suffer, moving forwards more people have learned more about the difficult situations that families often find themselves in and want to help. Over the years, the day spent celebrating families around the world has rapidly grown. Now we have many events that take place on this day including workshops, exhibitions and the launches of campaigns to support and strengthen family units.

Why not come to Millfield Theatre on 20 May at 2:30pm to enjoy a family performance enjoyed by all of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, and celebrate the International Day of the Families! The performance has been written especially for grownups to watch with their children and to have plenty of fun. Filled with sing along songs, colourful animal characters and an afternoon packed with family fun, this is a must watch performance for everyone!

Why not prolong your International Day of the Families even more and book tickets to watch another show on Friday 1 June. Milkshake! Live will be bringing out all of Milkshake’s biggest names such as Bob the Builder and The Little Princess and we want you to be there, so celebrate the biggest family event of the year with your children and relatives at one of Millfield Theatre’s shows to assure that you have the most amazing International Day of the Families!

By Ella Small, Winchmore School

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