Guest blog - You don’t know until you try!

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Dec. 16, 2016, 11:27 a.m.

I, Amelia am excited to be interning with the Press and Marketing department at Enfield Presents. Alongside this you may see the occasional guest blog. In these I shall be providing thoughts and insights into the activities here at Millfield Theatre.

Pumpkin seeds, when first faced with trying them I was a little unsure. They were new and the shell looked fiddly. However once I had tried one Pumpkin seed it turned out my taste buds like it and the rest was history.

Looking through this season’s list of shows I was reminded of pumpkin seeds.

There really is something for everyone and events everyone will know they like and would love to see. However included in the programme this season are multiple quirky and unique events, it is lucky to have a local venue which can provide such a varied programme activities. I could not help wondering if there was a pumpkin seed show waiting just for you. Something you have never attended before but turns out you actually really enjoy it.

As humans we can get so used to a pattern…a routine. Something that is easy and you know you already really like. It is so important to break away from this every now and then. We will all have those ‘go to’ leisure activities. However with the variety of shows on this season it is easier to try something new. You may find out new interests and open yourselves up to many more leisure activities.

Trying and attending new things can be so much fun. It makes for an extra interesting and a more unique trip out. Breaking away from your routine leisure activity and attending a unique show can make it a lot more memorable as it is so different from your pattern.

After looking at the shows on offer this season I have compiled a list, a list of events which I view are ‘Unique trips out’.

This includes:

Globe-trotting laughter master Stephen K Amos returns to Millfield Theatre at the end of January. Comedy nights are great; they are easy going, amazing atmosphere and not to mention how fun. Stephan K Amos is such a great choice if you are new to comedy nights or not.

Come Mek We Larf promises a night of fantastic entertainment featuring the best in African Caribbean comedians. Multiple comedians will introduce you to different sense of humour, and this is a great event for those enjoy comedy nights. This event is tailored for valentine’s days so could be a great event to attend with friends or loved ones.

Expect to see an explosive night of top action bringing a host of top American wrestling stars to the ring to face the very best of home grown talent and fans favourites in a two hour rip roaring entertainment for all the family to enjoy.

  • Angelo Tsarouchas is the funny Greek, Saturday 4 March

It is an award-winning stand-up comedy show that will have you in stiches, as he as he shares his experiences living both Greek and Western cultures. This is such an easy going evening and guarantied fun night out.

This season I shall attend Stephen K Amos and LDN Wrestling. I am looking forward to trying new events especially the LDN Wrestling as this is completely new and different to anything I have attended in the past. Comedy shows are so engaging and you feel completely involved and connected with the show. With a selection to choose from this season, there is no excuse… they are well worth attending! Find your pumpkin seed and try something new this season.

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