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Aug. 6, 2019, 9:19 a.m.

Read this review of Basile's 2016 performance at millfield:

A sold out performance at the Millfield Theatre in London on Saturday (23 January 2016) had his fans in tears of laughter as they struggled to contain themselves with Basile’s stories of growing up as a Greek in America.

Now if you’ve never experienced Basile live in action, it’s almost like walking through a series of doors in the hall of laughter. He opened the door to his show at the Millfield by entering the theatre wearing a leather jacket, black shades and cigarette in hand, as he fashionably made his way to the stage!

Then he slammed the door shut for the following two hours and guided us on a journey through a series of wild, silly and outrageously funny revolving doors which made us laugh, grab our sides and try to catch our breath.

After his highly amusing performance, Basile met his fans in the theatre foyer to pose for photographs and sign copies of his DVDs and CDs.

Upon his departure from the UK, Basile took to his social media sites to say his thank yous: “I’m so humbled by the response here in the UK! I want to thank my friends and promoters Pani Argyrou & Greek City’s Peter Christianson and Olympia for doing such a great job promoting these SOLD OUT shows! Paul Funksy Savvides &, Andrea Georgiou for all the love you have all shown me! This has been such a wonderful time for me!”

Tickets for his upcoming performance on 6 October 2019 are available from the Millfield website -

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