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Chickenshed BA (Hons) Degree Performances

Tuesday 27 June, 7pm


Two thought-provoking performances focusing on addiction and representation: Having an opinion.

‘In Too Deep’:

You never think it can happen to you until it’s too late. Addiction I mean. Everyone’s addicted to something: the trends, the companionship, the lifestyle. It only takes one small thing, one wrong person to enter our journey to send us down a different, dark, dangerous path. If you

can recognise right from wrong, would you realise when you are sinking slowly?
This is a performance based on the potential causes, effects, consequences and puzzles of addiction – asking the audience to empower themselves with enough knowledge and support to answer that question “Am I in too deep?”


As young people, how much do we know or understand about the politics of today?
Do we vote? Do we want to vote? Will we ever vote? Did you vote once and it didn’t do any good?
Do you ever represent yourself to others?
Do you have a voice? If so, do you use it or let others older than you with more power use their voice instead?
Maybe we’ve never had the chance to learn. Maybe we’ve never had the chance to explore.

Maybe our views would change if we could actually understand what having a voice means and what it can lead to.
So what do we want? Silence or Voice? It’s time to have an opinion. It’s time to Represent.

Tickets available from the Chickenshed website

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