Work Experience at Millfield House

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Sept. 21, 2018, 3:30 p.m.

After two weeks of work experience Gozie Nwosu wanted to share her thoughts.

Carrying out my two weeks of work experience here at Millfield was amazing. I have always wondered what goes on in the marketing department of any business, and being a huge fan theatre - ever since February this year - it seemed like the perfect idea to do my work experience here… and it was. I learnt a lot, from promotion techniques to website adjustments, and I really found it enlightening. My first impression of working in the marketing department of a theatre organisation was; I would meet famous people and I would get to do loads of calculations and mathematical analysis, which was almost completely way off.

On my first day I got to see the sites under Millfield: Dugdale and Forty Hall, which was really cool because they are amazing places, especially Forty Hall. It gave me a general sense of understanding during my stay here. I got to do a lot of IT tasks, mostly desk work, which was really cool. I did a lot of behind, behind the scene work. I had a ton of fun typing away on a computer doing loads of research and social media updates for Millfield, on my own spiny chair and desk. I got to do customer emails and lists on software called Spektrix. It got even more exciting when I got to do work on Hootsuite, Dotmailer - specifically designed websites for social media management and marketing respectively - and the back end of the Millfield and Dugdale website. I did some work with a friend from school who was doing work experience here as well but in other departments, which was incredibly fun.

The best part of this entire experience; was using the different websites and software: Dotmailer, Spektrix and Hootsuite, and honestly the experience has truly been a blessing as it has helped me deduce what exactly I would like to become in future; an engineer manager, this way I can combine my love for marketing and engineering. I’m really grateful for the opportunity here and would like to thank everyone at Millfield especially those in the marketing department, who took time out of their day to make this experience all that it has been to me: amazing.

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