Walk Right Back....Is Back!!

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April 10, 2019, 12:04 p.m.

The phenomenal production 'Walk Right Back' tells the story of the most successful musical duo of all time – The Everly Brothers.

Featuring hits such asBye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dreamand Cathy’s Clown, this unique concert-based musical entwines the wonderful, sad yet glorious story of The Everly Brothers.

The show follows the brothers’ rise to fame from humble country beginning to superstardom, through their decade-long feud to their glorious reunion which gave them back to each other, and back to the world.

Producer Ollie Gray says: “Casting was a big challenge as we felt it a must to have siblings playing Don and Phil, but after a long search we spotted two young brothers that were already honing their own tribute to the Everly Brothers. We were struck not only by their vocal blend but also their uncanny resemblance to Don and Phil Everly.”

International Everly Brothers Fan Club favourites, Luke and Aaron Wilson star as the iconic brothers.

Luke Wilson – Phil Everly

Luke loved to sing from a very early age, but being a shy boy he confined his voice to his bedroom. After leaving school at the age of sixteen, Luke attended college for two years studying Law and Psychology. Plans for going to University came to a crashing halt when Luke dropped the bombshell that he had absolutely no interest in Law or Psychology and wanted to become a singer. After the initial shock the family supported his decision and he took on part time work at a local supermarket while he went in search of his dream. By 2011 he was singing with local bands, before forming his own band ‘For(n)ever After’ with his brother Aaron and a couple of school friends. The band gained a large local following leading to a record deal with a minor label and a tour of the UK. Luke became well known on the scene for his vocals, unstoppable energy on stage and his talent for writing. By 2014 Luke was working on solo projects as well as collaborating with Aaron and experimenting with various music styles. During this time Luke taught himself to play guitar and he and Aaron started playing local fetes and charity events together as The Wilson Brothers.

Aaron Wilson – Don Everly

Up until the age of thirteen, Aaron’s main interests were football and wrestling. If he wasn’t kicking a ball he was throwing himself around the living room or doing summersaults off the garden shed. The whole family breathed a sigh of relief when he lost interest in sport and asked for an electric guitar for his thirteenth Birthday. Aaron was a determined and stubborn child and quickly taught himself to play the guitar, often spending hours at a time practicing. It was apparent to all that he was a natural musician and soon turned his hand to other instruments including drums, bass and piano. He and his brother Luke formed their band ‘For(n)ever after’ where Aaron started out playing drums before taking on the role of lead guitarist and adding some backing vocals. In 2012 Aaron left school and enrolled in the Academy of Contemporary Music to study music production. By the time he left the Academy, both Luke and Aaron’s interest had moved on and they were looking for a new direction. They played local fetes and Charity events as a duo but had not yet discovered their harmonies.

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