My work experience at Millfield & Dugdale - Ece

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Feb. 14, 2020, 3:52 p.m.

My week at The Millfield Theatre has been successful and will be beneficial for my future. I have learned many new things, for example, how to use Adobe Photoshop (which was taught to me by the Resident Graphic Designer), how to use many listing websites such as, press association and many more. I was also taught how to use Dotmailer which allows you to create post show emails. I also worked the box office at Millfield, helping organise COBO (collect from box office) tickets, tidying the main entrance and many more things.

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to visit the Dugdale. During my time there, I helped with the technical team at The Dugdale for the show ‘Old Time Music Hall’ where I helped with the set and lighting design as well as the sound. I got to see how the technical team operates during shows and the stuff they have taught me will be beneficial in the future, especially for my drama GCSE.

I spent the most time in the marketing department where I learned about how they make the brochures to advertise seasonal shows, how Hootsuite is operated and how to list shows on advertising websites. They explained the different marketing decisions and the reasons behind them, for example, they explained why using a bigger image rather than a large paragraph of writing to advertise a show would be more likely to sell

The staff at Millfield have been so kind and helpful. They helped ensure that I had the best experience I could. Charlie in particular helped make sure I had an insight in everything I possibly could. He assisted me every step of the way and am incredibly thankful. I have had such a fantastic week and am very thankful for Millfield Theatre and The Dugdale for having me!

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