Meet The Cast of Mother Goose - 'Silly Billy' - Vinnie Monachello

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Oct. 27, 2019, 10:55 a.m.


Mother Goose is fast approaching! 🎉

With only a few weeks until our Pantomime Extravaganza begins, Lets Meet One of the Stars of the Show... Silly Billy (Played by the Wonderful Vinnie Monachello)!

Vinnie Monachello, who recently played Iggle Piggle on a UK tour of ‘In the Night Garden’ is about to hit the Millfield Theatre stage as Silly Billy in this year’s eggs-trordinary pantomime eggs-trava-gander, Mother Goose. Take a look at what Vinnie has to say about Panto Villains and Rachel Stevens!

How did you start your career as an actor?

I didn’t properly start acting until late on. I did some acting bits in sixth form, and then when I was studying philosophy at university I did drama and musical theatre. We went to the National Student Drama Festival where I did a version of Parade The Musical. It was towards the end of uni but it was one of the first high profile big audience things i’d done. It really all started in the playground at Primary School doing little performances.

Can you tell me a few of your acting career highlights?

Ive just played Iggle Piggle on 'In The Night Garden', so that’s been fun. It’s now on tour, and thats really fun as its my first UK tour, its a cool new experience. I did a rep season in Leatherhead last year, that’s one of my highlights because I got to play two different parts in two different plays, back to back. Quite intense but really enjoyable.

Is this your first time performing in a pantomime?

Its my first real deal panto. I’ve done a small tour pantomime, but this is my first big one. I’m relatively new to the scene! Its really exciting, because you get to just have fun and be outrageous.

When did you watch your first pantomime and what was it?

I went to watch Cinderella in Essex when I was quite young, and that was really great. I didn’t see much theatre until I was in my late teens, so watching panto I felt a bit of a thrill. When the whole audience is joining in, its bit of a crazy ride!

Who is your all time favourite pantomime character?

I’d probably say the villain. Its opposite of me, so its fun to egg them on.

Everyone loves the villain secretly!

Exactly, because it’s forbidden!

What job would you do if you wasn’t an actor?

I probably would have done something like journalism, or law. I had other options but once I started in the university societies, I didn’t really look back after that.

Who would you love to sing a duet with?

I don’t know if this is silly, but Rachel Stevens! When I was growing up, S Club 7 was my obsession, so I always think what if I was in a panto with Rachel Stevens and got to do a duet with her? I don’t think I’d be able to cope!

Who would you want to play you in a film of your life?

Well I’d probably say Toby Maguire, because everyone says I look like him. I’m secretly hoping I can play him in a version of his life, so if it can work the other way round too then that’d be great!

What would you say your most useless talent is?

I can make lots of different sorts of balloon animals! Not just animals, its anything. I can make a bow and arrow out of balloons, fairy wings, an elephant! I used to do kids parties and clowning for that, so I used to do clown shoes.

Tune in next week, as we speak with the Fabulous Sophia Lewis who Plays Gill Longbottom! Bye for now!

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