Fact File: The Tarantinos

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Aug. 24, 2017, 2:57 p.m.

We had a chat to Gerard Atkins from The Tarantinos, after wanting to find out more about what the audiences can expect during their show....

Name: Gerard Atkins

Band Name: The Tarantinos

Position in the band: Founding member - Trumpet player.

Length of time in the band: From the start, 1995

Where did the idea come from?

How did the band form?

Although the band has changed over the years we have always been very close and a tight-knit group. We have always listened to recommendations and word of mouth when recruiting band members. It gives us a special relationship on stage and ensures the new members are always amazing musicians.

What is your favourite song?

Now that is a hard question. It will have to be Green Hornet, even though this is very hard to play. It appears in Kill Bill Vol.1.

Can you explain what a ‘movie sound bite is’?

We have taken great iconic moments from a selection of films and brought them to life for the audience. Adjusting them to fit the show we have fun and play with the much loved scene as we re-enact them live. When everyone is having a great time it can lead to improvised Tarantino fun! Audiences can expect iconic outfits such as the yellow suit from Kill Bill… but don’t worry the talented singer for the band wears it.

What can audiences expect?

Armed with a variety of tracks from great films performed by incredible musicians with slick choreography, you can expect a party! We bring fun and excitement to the stage.

Watch the trailer here

Book Tickets to see them here

They are performing Friday 29 September 7.45pm.

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