Black History Month at the Millfield

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July 13, 2017, 2:59 p.m.

As Black History month is coming this October, it is important to celebrate culture and diversity within our society. Each year since 1987, our nation has designated October to being a month of appreciation for black communities, African and Carribbean culture and the importance of Black Lives. At the Millfield, we believe it is paramount that we endorse ourselves in the celebration of this special month in the calendar; moreover the meaning behind this month must not go unnoticed.

Throughout history, there have been many significant figures that have morphed the ethos of equality and moving forward in society, historical catalysts in moving away from discrimination against ethnic minorities. Black culture is a key influencer in our daily lives; whether it is pop culture or political ideologies and it is crucial that it is celebrated and demonstrated this October. As a nation, it is time to move forward as one, to establish a sense of community and equality regardless of race, since that is what Black History Month stands for. Thus, we have a variety of events on this October celebrating the importance of Black History Month.

First off, we are proud to be holding the glittering performance of 'Ballet Black Triple Bill featuring Red Riding Hood' by the Ballet Black dance company. Choreographed and devised by big names in the dance industry, such as Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, this unique show celebrates black and Asian dancers in ballet. Their ultimate goal as a company is to see a fundamental change in the number of black and Asian dancers in the ballet industry. Founded in 2001 by Cassa Pancho, the company have developed and grown into a unique and culturally diverse beacon of talent, an unmissable experience. The show will take place on the 5 October at 7.45, and don't hesitate to book tickets here

On 8 October 'Lovers Rock Unplugged' will be joining us for a night of music and acoustic vocals. Janet Kay, Victor Romero Evans and Carroll Thompson are three talented individuals who come together to create a noticeably romantic style and content to their traditionally reggae sound. This night will be an unplugged, acoustic celebration of their shared talent. Janet Kay, 'The Queen of Lovers Rock' has come far in her career, as have Victor Romero Evans and Carroll Thompson and we are lucky enough to be hosting this event here at the Millfield. The concert will take place on Sunday 8 October and will commence at 7pm. It is a fantastic opportunity to witness roar talent amongst three reggae artists. To get your tickets click here

A fantastic comedy event is coming to the Millfield this october, 'Come Mek Me Larf'by the masters of black comedy. This is an intelligent comedy show, well thought out by the comedians involved, and guarantees a night of laughter and enjoyment. After two years of sold out shows, 'Come Mek Me Larf' is back with even more spirit and vibrancy. This comical extravaganza promises cultural hilarity in its highest form with an abundance of talent and wit. Always a sell-out so book your tickets here to enjoy a night of fun!

Black History Month must be widely celebrated, and the Millfield are choosing to celebrate it through various expressions of theatre, music and dance.

Come along to these events to witness different forms of talent as we come together as one to celebrate culturaldiversity.

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