10 Minutes with Angelo Tsarouchas

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March 3, 2017, 4:22 p.m.

Ahead of Angelo Tsarouchas’s visit to Edmonton Saturday 4th March at 8pm, we had the chance to have a quick chat about his show and what audiences can expect on the night.

Where do you draw the most inspiration from?

Well, with comedy it is often the things that people can relate to which are the funniest! Even when I watch comedians I love, it is funnier when I fully understand and I relate to the topics they are talking about. For me a lot of my inspiration comes from my family, so many small, interesting and funny things happen, and family is something everyone can relate to one way or another. I am Greek so my family have so many traditions, as it is such a distinct culture wherever you are. There are always so many dynamics in a family, only the other day I was watching my mother with my child and it struck me how different grandparents are with their grandkids as opposed to how they were with me. All these small things can make great material. I have been lucky to be able to travel, this always make great an influence for material as you are meeting so many different people doing so many different things.

Do you find funny things that happen on a day to day basis work as material on stage?

Anything can happen at any time! It is best when it is not expected. But people are funny sometimes and every now and then you do see something that makes you laugh for different reasons. Only the other day I was at an airport. There was a massive storm and so everything was delayed due to the weather. There was a woman just in front of me. I kid you not she asked the lady behind the counter ‘Can you find out when the rain will stop’.

What’s been the worst moment on stage?

I was offered a shot by these two girls at in the first row of this show near the n. falls. I wanted to impress them so of course I took them up on their offer. So I had the shot but basically I started choking. Everyone started laughing thinking I was joking but I was really choking.

Luckily in the audience there was a nurse! She spotted that I wasn’t joking and that I might actually need help. She came up on stage and ended up basically giving me the Heimlich manoeuvre, and out came the shot that these two girls had just given me.

But this whole time people were still laughing thinking it all part of the show or something. All I can say is thank goodness a nurse recognised I generally needed help.

What is the main difference between English and American audiences?

Growing up in Canada gave me a real mix between British and American influences! I grow up watching things like Monty Python so I am used to both and have quickly picked up on their similarities and differences.

I feel British humour is a little thought provoking and ironic as opposed to American humour. American humour is bigger and more out there… a lot more in your face and even slapstick at times, British on the other hand like dry wit humour.

Only the other day on Valentine’s Day to be precise, there was a big group of cool lads sitting outside a cigar shop. They were hanging out chatting and playing music. Then ‘Rose has a thorn’ comes on. And you end up with a group of lads hanging out on Valentine’s Day singing along to this song. I thought this was really ironic!

Greek audiences do not always get irony they just don’t laugh. Only more recently have they started to laugh themselves as a culture and take it a little less seriously. It’s surprising that one of my favourite sayings ‘Comedy is tragedy over time’ is a Greek phrase.

What is your favourite Greek dish ?

Stuffed Peppers! Yemista is best when it is homemade, nothing can beat it. Lemon and egg soup it is so refreshing I have it all the time.

A proper real Greek salad is amazing as well, with Feta cheese, absolutely no lettuce and Kalamata olives. In my opinion it cannot be a proper Greek salad or Greek olive in fact unless it is a Kalamata olive. Proper olive oil is vital, from Greece of course, adds so much more flavour.

What can viewers at Millfield Theatre expect?

To laugh a lot! It is going to be a fun night with great material. I have loads of fun on stage and the audience can only expect to experience the same. Audiences can get ready to hear hilarious stories about the things they know and love to hate; work family and loads of other bits.I am so looking forward to it, so if you love comedy, love having fun come and join me.

Laughter is medicine for the soul!

So if you just want a fun night come out and enjoy yourself!

Catch Angelo Tsarouchas Saturday 4 March 8pm

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